International Undergraduate Program (IUP)

About IUP

UB International Undergraduate Program (IUP) is an educational program to provide students with experience in overseas environments. Students will study at partner universities abroad through several activities such as double degree, joint degree, internship, twinning, student exchange, or short program. This program provides good opportunities for students to have courage, flexibility, cultural awareness, and gain a global perspective. In 2024, IUP UB provide 28 study programs that will accept Indonesian and international students.

Study Program Offered

NoFacultyStudy ProgramCapacity in 2024Website
1LawLegal Science30Click Here
2Economics and BusinessAccounting30Click Here
3Economics and BusinessEconomics, Finance, and Banking30Click Here
4Economics and BusinessManagement30Click Here
5Administrative ScienceEducational Administration20Click Here
6Administrative SciencePublic Administration30Click Here
7Administrative ScienceLibrary Science20Click Here
8Administrative ScienceTourism20Click Here
9Administrative ScienceTaxation20Click Here
10Administrative ScienceBusiness Administration30Click Here
11Animal ScienceAnimal Science30Click Here
12Cultural StudiesEnglish Literature30Click Here
13Cultural StudiesJapanese Literature30Click Here
14Computer ScienceInformation Systems30Click Here
15Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine Education40Click Here
16Agricultural TechnologyFood Technology30Click Here
17Agricultural TechnologyBiotechnology30Click Here
18Agricultural TechnologyAgricultural Industrial Technology30Click Here
19Agricultural TechnologyEnvironmental Engineering30Click Here
20Agricultural TechnologyBioprocess Engineering30Click Here
21EngineeringCivil Engineering30Click Here
22EngineeringIndustrial Engineering40Click Here
23Social and Political ScienceInternational Relations20Click Here
24Social and Political SciencePolitical Science20Click Here
25Social and Political ScienceCommunication Science20Click Here
26MedicineMedicine30Click Here
27AgricultureAgribusiness20Click Here
28AgricultureAgroecotechnology20Click Here

Why IUP UB ?

Requirements for admission

1. Graduates of senior high school (SMA) or equivalent from both domestic and international institutions (within the last 3 years).

2. Have a transcript Senior High School (Semester 1-5)

3. Pass the English language test orginized by UB (Universitas Brawijaya)

More Details on the Registration Procedure >>>

Schedule for UB International Undergraduate Program Admission for Academic Year 2024/2025

Intake Online Registration Test Exam (Offline)
Result Announcement
Intake 1 27 March (opens on 10.00 WIB) – 3 May 2024 (closed on 23.59 WIB)

13 May 2024*

for detailed information about the exam:

click here

17 May 2024
Intake 2

6 May (opens on 10.00 WIB) 
28 June 2024 
10 July 2024 (closed on 23.59 WIB)

3 July 2024*
16 – 18 July 2024

10 July 2024
24 July 2024


*For the Medicine Study Program the test will be held in 2 days:
 Intake 1 (13 – 14 May 2024)
 Intake 2 (16 – 18 July 2024)

Information Letter for Registration on Medicine Program