Seleksi Program Magister Biomedik

Student Admission Master Program in Biomedical Sciences (PMIB) Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Brawijaya (FKUB) 



Registration fee : IDR 1.000.000

Tuition fee per semester : IDR 12,500,000 for Indonesian Student (excluding the cost of thesis research)

: 1,500 USD for Foreign Student (excluding the cost of thesis research)


Academic Requirements

  1. Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field of science; Medical Doctor, Dentistry, Veterinary, Nutrition, Pharmacy , Nursing, Biological Science, according to Permendikbud No.154 of 2014 concerning Cluster of Science and Technology and College Graduate Degrees
  2. Candidates must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of ≥ 3.25 (scale of 0.00 to 4.00) from BANPT accredited study program.
  3. Candidates must hold a scholastic test (TPA-OTO BAPPENAS) certificate score of >
  4. Candidates must hold an English proficiency certificate equal to institutional paper-based TOEFL score of > 500 or institutional TOEIC score of >
  5. Candidates have to make a research plan.
  6. Candidates must pass a psychology test or an interview conducted by the study program.


Admission for Transfer Program

  1. Candidates are from the state or private university of equal or higher accreditation status (PSMIB-FKUB has grade A accreditation).
  2. Candidates are from study programs of the same field of study in biomedical sciences.
  3. Candidates have not taken the feasibility test of thesis proposal and have been studied in the origin institution for no more than 2 years.


Administrative Requirements

  1. Candidates send a written application addressed to:
    Dean of Faculty of Medicine
    Universitas Brawijaya
  2. Enclosed in the application are three copies of:
    1. Receipt of registration fee payment.
    2. List of requirements for new student registration.
    3. Completed application form
    4. Latest color photo size 4×6.
    5. Legalized copy of undergraduate (bachelor) certificate.
    6. Legalized copy of academic transcript from institution of origin. Candidates from private universities must enclose the result of state examination.
    7. Copy of scholastic test (TPA-OTO BAPPENAS) certificate (two-year validity period).
    8. Copy of TOEFL (or equivalent) certificate (two-year validity period).
    9. Curriculum vitae.
    10. A scientific manuscript after completing undergraduate program.
    11. Letters of academic recommendation from two qualified referees.
    12. Statement of health from a state hospital.
    13. Letter of Study Appointment from superiors (if the candidates are in employment) stating that the concerned individual is release of any institutional responsibility. For candidates who are lecturers of state and private universities, the Letter of Study Appointment is to be issued by the rector of university of origin. For candidates who are the employees of Health Department, the Letter of Study Appointment is to be issued by the direct supervisor, e.g., the director of hospital or the head of health department.
    14. Written statement of financial sources/support.
  3. All documents submitted to:
    Academic Affairs Staff of the Graduate Program
    Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Brawijaya
    Jl. Veteran, Malang, East Java 65145
    Telephone 0341-569117 Fax 0341-564755


  1. Form Pendaftaran S2 Ilmu Biomedik
  2. Form Rekomendasi Kelayakan
  3. Form Penugasan Mengikuti Pendidikan
  4. Form Pernyataan Sumber Biaya


For Registration Procedure, please refer to

Seleksi Pascasarjana